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Natalie's Birthday Page

Natalie turns one year older and has not even shown any sign of her age.  It is hard to believe she has turned 16 this week.  Who would have thought... Hawaii's climate has done wonders to her complexion and has made her look much


Hawaii's not ready

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Natalie...

News Flash!

Natalie is one year older!

The Haggertys Host the Weeks Couple

With great anticipation, the Haggertys have agreed to host the Weeks couple for a few days while the Florida couple travel to the beauiful state of Hawaii.  The Haggertys do not know how excited the Weeks' are to see them for the first time since February.

Fun In the Sun

The social committee in Hawaii has indicated that many fun and exciting events await the Haggertys while the Weeks couple stay in the islands.  According to sources, the Haggertys can expect a traditional luau at sometime during their stay in Hawaii.

The Weeks' can hardly wait to see how the children have grown and how the harsh sun of the Pacific has treated Sean.  It is expected that a party of grand proportion will occur in Hawaii with Natalie being the Weeks' guest.  Expect the Unex

Best experienced with

Tammy and Craig want to wish Natalie a very happy birthday and hope that her day is a special one.  In addition, they want to let Natalie know that their nights past 10pm are not the same without Natalie.  By the way, who won the baseball game anyway?

Wonderful memories, yuh?  *laughs*

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